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Flying lesson in a PA28 aircraft

Flight Training UK is a CAA Declared Training Organisation (DTO) that has been set up to offer qualified pilots (including those with lapsed licences) further training, or continuation training. We aim to encourage pilots who want to explore further afield or progress/develop their flying beyond their home site.

We offer a wide range of tailored training opportunities. Whether you'd like a Cross Channel "check-out" or if you fancy "Brushing up" on your RT and flying in controlled airspace, we can help

Flying from a range of aerodromes in the UK such as:

Flying lesson at Bournemouth International Airport in a PA28 aircraft

Bournemouth International Airport(EGHH)

Landing at Thruxton Aerodrome (EGHO)

Landing at Bournemouth International Airport (EGHH)

To book, please contact us via email flying@flighttraininguk.co.uk, or call us, on +44 (0) 7793 203838 and we will be able to take your details and send you a voucher.