Cross Country Endorsement.

Flying lesson in a TMG

Qualifying Requirements

The qualifying requirements for the Cross Country endorsement are described in the publication ‘BGA Gliding Certificate and Endorsements’ In summary, to qualify the applicant has to demonstrate his or her ability to soar, to navigate effectively, and to select and fly an approach into a suitable field.

Theoretical knowledge

Navigation and field landing basics are covered in the Bronze Theoretical Knowledge test. Detailed briefings are provided alongside the practical training below.

Navigation briefings are available (with thanks to Paul Ruskin) Field landing briefings are available here (with thanks to Paul Ruskin)

Practical Flying Skill

As well as completing the gliding navigation and field landing flying exercises in the gliding syllabus, the applicant must demonstrate his or her ability to:

  1. – soar for at least one hour (supervised solo), and
  2. – navigate safely and effectively (assessed by an instructor), and
  3. – select and safely fly a circuit to a suitable field (assessed by an instructor)

The practical flying skill tests are carried out by a Full Rated instructor (usually in a motor glider), as arranged with the club CFI. The tests are detailed in the BGA Examining Standards document on page 23.

If you have a particular requirement or question, please feel free to contact us and we'd be only to happy to help.