Adding a TMG Extension on to a Sailplane Pilots Licence (SPL).

PPL flying lesson

If you hold a Sailplane Pilots Licence (SPL) you can add a Touring Motor Glider extension to that licence.

The TMG extension will allow you to act as Pilot In Command (PIC) in a TMG.

You can only carry passengers when you have completed at least 10 hours of flight time or 30 launches as PIC after your licence has been issued.

You cannot operate commercially, or receive any kind of payment, until you:

a) Are 18 years of age or over
b) Have completed 75 hours of flight time or 200 launches, after your licence has been issued
c) Have passed a proficiency check with an examiner

The exception to this is for holders of a SPL with instructor or examiner privileges, who can be paid for the following:

1) Flight instruction
2) Conducting skill tests and proficiency checks for the LAPL (S) or SPL and any associated ratings and endorsements.